Sportschule Wedau
Deutschlands größte Sportschule.

International Guests


The Green Oasis

Surrounded by the stunning green and wooded areas, the Sport School Wedau is considered as the biggest Sport School in Germany and the biggest talent factory throughout the country. Seven times a year all 21 national soccer associations come together to take part in talent camps – a great chance for talents to be discovered!
But with more than 20 sports offered in and around the School, it is an attractive performance center for all sport lovers.

6 soccer grounds and 3 artificial turfs offer great opportunities!

A Paradise for Sportsmen

Want to play soccer, tennis, or handball? Or would you prefer a trip to the regatta course, or the climbing park? No problem because the Sport School Wedau makes (almost) everything possible. We can guarantee that you won’t get bored here and various offers will make your stay unforgettable. And if you are planning to stay overnight, the Sport School Wedau offers around 400 comfortable beds and takes care of catering as well.

Perfect view from the top of the Sport School Wedau!

Not just for Athletes

Germany's biggest sports school is the perfect place for business meetings, trainings, courses and congresses in a pleasant setting because it is equipped with modern media. The good infrastructure and its attractive location make it easy to reach the Düsseldorf airport and the fair within a short time. We are also happy to take care of accommodation and meals in order to make your stay at the Sport School Wedau as pleasant as possible.

Fun Time at the Water-Ski Park!

Short Vacation? – Yes, please.

The Sport School Wedau with its amazing green areas is a great way to escape from the everyday life and to experience a brief holiday feeling. Long walks, or action-packed adventures, such as the Water-Ski Park provide great opportunities to get away. The optimal infrastructure invites the guests to learn more about cultural and leisure activities in and outside of Duisburg .

Don’t hesitate to contact us, as we are more than willing to make your stay enjoyable!

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